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Business Office

Office Staff Directory

Chief Financial Officer
Gary Frisch

Accounts and Budget Specialist
Cody Marshall

Account Specialist
Michelle Lovett

Administrative Aide
Maria Puglisi

Payroll Specialist
Taylor Hopper

Human Resource Director
Ryann Marshall

Human Resources Assistant
Roberta Eason

The goal of the School Business Office is to provide the financial support and information necessary to fulfill the educational mission of the Gloucester Public Schools.

Our staff
  • works with the Superintendent to prepare the annual school budget.
  • processes the purchase orders and payment of invoices to provide the supplies, materials, and services necessary to keep the schools in operation.
  • processes deposits from all departments including Food Services, Athletics, and Pre-School; as well as a number of smaller accounts.
  • processes receipts for Federal and State Grants.
  • monitors the financial operation through the reporting segment of the Unifund Accounting System.
  • provides timely reports to the Superintendent, School Committee, Directors, and Principals to help with their decision-making and monitoring of their individual budgets.
  • processes the payroll for approximately 650 employees.
  • reconciles financial information with City Hall.

We are located in the center office of 2 Blackburn Drive.