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Q: How many hours of instruction equal one in-service credit? 

A: Fifteen (15) hours of instruction equal one in-service credit.

Q: Does an external candidate applying for a position have to be fingerprinted if they have been fingerprinted in another school district?

A: No, not necessarily.  If the candidate can provide a contact name and number of the Human Resources Department of the school district they were initially fingerprinted in to OUR Human Resources Department, a Suitability of Determination Form may be used to avoid a second round of fingerprints and additional costs?

Q: If an external candidate has worked in the Gloucester Public School District in the past, do they need to be re-CORI'd?

A: Yes - candidates that have not worked for the District more than 6 months from the date they were originally hired, will need to be CORI'd again.  Candidates will also have to be fingerprinted.