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Information Technology

Office Staff Directory

IT Director
Grant Harris
(978)-281-9844 (ext: 22314)

IT Operations Manager
Brenden Henry
(978)-491-6612 (ext: 22313) 

District Systems Administrator
David Leveille 
(978)-491-6614 (ext:13110)

District Systems Administrator
Gary Jensen 
(978)-491-6613 (ext: 26350) 

District Systems Technician 
Randi Parisi
(978)-282-7815 (ext: 13330)

District Computer Technician
Ethan Haines
(978) 491-6610 (ext. 26351)

Welcome to the home page for the Gloucester Public Schools Information Technology Department. The IT Department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the district's computer systems, including desktops, laptops, servers, and network infrastructure at the Districts high school, middle school, five elementary schools, Preschool, and administrative offices. Our IT department employs 5 full-time systems/network administrators. 

District Computer Systems

We run a mixed OS environment for our workstations, servers and directory systems across the district. We currently use Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux, these systems are connected to central servers for Authentication, Printing, and Storage.  

District Networking Systems

The Gloucester Public Schools utilize a high speed Wireless Point to Point system for our internet connections shared between our high school, middle school, and five elementary schools. This system has several redundant backup connection to ensure little to no downtime. All internal hardwired and wireless networks run at 10/100/1000+ Mbps, with 10Gb trunked fiber optic backbone connection throughout the city. We also support a wireless backbone.

Internet Security

We provide and manage our own internet security to each of our networked workstations in the district. Our use of logging technology to track and record inbound and outbound traffic for intrusion detection and policy violations is in compliance with State and Federal guidelines. We also have several Firewalls with advanced networking rules and conditions in place across the district. The Gloucester Public Schools internet access is managed by powerful content filtering software / hardware to allow for appropriate safe content viewing by children. Email is also subjected to the same content filtering and archiving to assure the same level of protection. 

Virus Protection

All of our email is scanned in real time for infected mail and attachments. Infected files are quarantined and cleaned before being allowed in. If the virus can't be removed the email is blocked. Along with the email scanning each PC workstation is running a anti-virus package and is updated on a regular basis to ensure a virus free working environment.