Instructional Technology

As educators we are faced with the challenges to provide instruction and learning experiences to accommodate the diverse learning styles of all our students. We need to prepare our students to be able to access, analyze, and communicate effectively and efficiently to develop the life skills needed for the 21st century. Technology will help our students to develop these life-long skills and our educators to adapt learning experiences to compliment our students' learning styles and strengths.

Our goal is to use technology to support district curriculum initiatives, that are aligned with state curriculum standards, in support of improved student achievement. Students must have the opportunities to become skilled and productive members of the 21st century. 

Objective 1: Increase the knowledge and expertise of instructional staff in regards to technology standards appropriate for subject area/grade-level competencies.

Objective 2: Increase level of appropriate and effective technology integration into the curriculum in support of student achievement.

Objective 3: Increase students' use of appropriate educational technologies to increase their skill and understanding of curriculum aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and Recommended Technology Standards.

Linking educational technology tools with curriculum will enhance "active learning" in the following ways:

  • Interaction with technology applications can be self-paced to ensure understanding of curriculum concepts. Technology can eliminate learning barriers to maximize success for all students.
  • Computer simulations provide models to real-life connections. Technology permits curriculum materials to be varied and diverse.
  • Vast amounts of up-to-date information become readily available to students to support learning.
  • Computer productivity tools allow students to demonstrate their problem-solving and higher-level thinking skills and facilitate independent learning.

In order to effectively implement our instructional technology plan, technology standards are aligned with suggested curriculum areas, grade-levels, and district software to ensure successful technology integration to enhance teaching and student learning.