GDocs Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate your documents and screen a lot faster when you use these keyboard shortcuts for formatting and more.

Exceptions for the Mac

* Ctrl M: Insert comment (Cmd M is used to minimize a window).
* Ctrl+0-9 (zero through nine): Headers, lists, and list style (Cmd+0-9 is used for navigation or loading from bookmarks on the browser).

If you use a Mac, you can use the shortcuts below by replacing Ctrl with Command key (or 'Apple' key).

  1. Ctrl+Home: Get back to the top of your doc.
  2. Ctrl+B: Bold.Ctrl+E: Center alignment
  3. Ctrl+L: Back to left alignment.
  4. Ctrl+M: Insert comment.
  5. Ctrl+H: Replace.
  6. Ctrl+End: Go to last cell in data region.
  7. Ctrl+Home: Go to first cell in data region.
  8. Shift+spacebar: Select entire row.
  9. Ctrl+Z: Undo.
  10. Ctrl+Y: Redo.
  11. Ctrl+spacebar: Select entire column.
  12. Ctrl+J: Full justify.
  13. Ctrl+Shift+L: Bulleted list.
  14. Ctrl+Shift+Space: Insert non-breaking space.
  15. Page Down: Move down one screen.
  16. Ctrl+K: Inset link.
  17. Ctrl+Shift+F: Full screen.
  18. Page Up: Move up one screen.
  19. Ctrl+Space: Remove formatting.
  20. Ctrl+:Heading style 1. Change the "1" to any number 1-6 and get the corresponding header.