Google: Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets settings, views & printing

Zoom settings in Google Docs
About spreadsheet views
Print a Google spreadsheet
Change locale, date format and currency settings
Right-to-left text editing
Save your Google spreadsheets

Create, edit, and format

Paint Format Tool
Edit and format data in Google spreadsheets
Enter links in a Google spreadsheet
Copy and paste in spreadsheets
Copy a Google spreadsheet
Insert images into a spreadsheet
Import data sets and spreadsheets
Create a series of numbers
Add and delete comments
Merge cells
Format numbers, dates, and currencies
Using Google Docs with a screen reader

Work with sheets, rows, and columns

Protecting sheets from being edited
Copy, re-order, and delete sheets
Add and delete rows or columns
Move rows and columns
Change row height and column width
Freeze or unfreeze columns and rows
Hiding rows and columns
Drag-and-drop cells and rows
Hide a sheet from view


Keyboard accelerators, mnemonics, and shortcuts
Using date picker

Work with data

Range names
Sort a spreadsheet
Filter your data
Use data validation
Create an in-cell dropdown list
Apply conditional formatting rules
Work with tab-delimited (tsv) format
Creating and editing pivot table reports
Use the Solve function

Functions and formulas

Google spreadsheets function list
Add formulas to a spreadsheet
Formula auto-complete
Quick Sum
Reference data from other sheets

Create and edit charts

Getting started with charts
Creating, editing and deleting charts
Exporting, publishing, and embedding charts
Chart types