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Troubleshooting Network Passwords

If you experience problems logging into the computer, network shares or services please follow the steps below.

1. Is the server/resource accessible from other computers or using other accounts? In other words, can other people connect? If not, the server may simply be down. Again, contact the server administrator. 

2. Is the "Caps Lock" turned off? Most passwords are case sensitive and having the cap locks turned on will prevent logon.

3. Is "Num-Lock" turn on? On PC's the "Num-Lock" key enables the number pad located on the right-hand side of the keyboard. If your password contains a number and you use the number pad with the "Num-Lock" turned off any number you choose will not be entered when typing your password. Simple press the "Num-Lock" key to enable the number pad.

3. Can you login with same username and password from a different computer? If you can, this would indicate that there might be an issue with the computer itself or its network connection.

4. Is the username correct? The computer tech that services you building can check the username for and password for your account, or look up valid accounts for other servers. 

5. Is the account locked out? Have security provisions that "lock out" an account if the wrong password is entered too many times. The server administrator in the building can unlock the account if needed.

If all of the above checks out and the problem seems to be isolated to one computer, please submit a help-desk ticket or contact