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Senior District Office Personnel

District Office Org Chart

Dr. Richard Safier

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning and Title I
Gregg Bach

Purpose of Position:

a) To provide leadership and support for the identification and implementation of best practice in teaching and learning, and in the assessment, recording and reporting of student progress.
b) To provide leadership, and support for improvement planning and the monitoring of school and district performance.
c) To provide leadership of processes for the evaluation of staff, and the improvement of schools and the district, and the provision of comprehensive professional development programs
d) To act as Director of the Title 1 program.
e) To secure federal, state and other grants in support of district programs.

Responsible to: 
Superintendent of Schools

Director of Special Education 
Patricia Wegmann

Purpose of Position:

a) To provide leadership and support for, and the development, coordination and oversight of services for students with special educational needs
b) To provide advice to site administrators and others on the provision of services for students with special educational needs
c) To ensure compliance with relevant federal and state laws and regulations
d) To oversee the provision of special education services for students educated outside of the city
e) To collaborates closely with the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment to ensure service delivery that insures integration and access to the regular education program in the least restrictive setting.
f) To support and monitor home schooling arrangements

Responsible to:
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
(Teaching and Learning)

Director of Finance & Operations
Thomas LaFleur

Purpose of Position:

a) To act as principal financial adviser to the Superintendent of Schools
b) To assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of the district operating budget
c) To provide leadership and support for the development and effective operation of the district’s accounting, purchasing and payroll functions
d) To coordinate the efforts of the Finance and Human Resources functions
e) To ensure that the district is in compliance with all laws and regulations appertaining to district finance functions

Responsible to:
Superintendent of Schools

Professional Assistant Student, Health, and Emergency Services 
Ann-Marie Jordan


Purpose of Position:

a) To assist in the development of health and wellness policy and programs
b) To manage projects concerned with student health and wellness
c) To coordinate Kindergarten registration
d) To liaise with community health organizations to foster student health and wellness programs, services and activities
e) To oversee provision made for homeless students
f) To support to the Assistant Superintendent for Operations and central services on emergency planning and readiness
g) To seek grants in support of district programs

Responsible to:
The Assistant Superintendent