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Updated 3/30/2021

Updated Afternoon only O'Maley Routes- 4/14/2021
Morning bus times will not change
PM Routes- Starts April 26, 2021

April 14, 2021- All O'Maley school afternoon bus routes have been updated for the extended day starting on April 26, 2021. The morning route times will not change. 

If you have not registered for the bus please email- with your students full name. Some buses are currently at capacity and therefore a wait list has been created. 

Buses at Capacity as of April 14, 2021:
Veterans Route 15
Beeman Route 6
Plum Cove Route 12

Gloucester Public Schools- Transportation Team 
 Team Member   Position Bus Number 
Beth BeaulieuSchool Bus Driver     15
 Tracy CameronSchool Crossing Guard  

Cindy Carrancho School Bus Driver  7
Claire Chamberlain School Bus Driver 14 
 Danyle DaSilvaSchool Crossing Guard  
 Susan DeCosteSchool Bus Monitor  
 Karen EllisSchool Bus Monitor  
 Sam FantaSchool Bus Driver 25 
James Gentile School Bus Driver 28 
 Robert LopesSchool Crossing Guard  
 Marylyn Mahoney  School Bus Driver 24 
 Leon MallochSchool Bus Driver 16 
 Adam Mayo   Director of Transportation 
 Lesley MelloSchool Crossing Guard  
 Joe MoceriSchool Crossing Guard  
Laura Mondello School Bus Driver  
 Ann MoynahanSchool Bus Driver 
 Sam NicholsSchool Bus Driver  4
Val Onorio School Crossing Guard  


Gina Provost School Bus Driver  23
Debbie Quinn School Crossing Guard  
John Russ School Bus Driver/Trainer
Anthony Settipani School Crossing Guard 
Deb Stuart School Bus Driver 12 
Dalmir Teramene School Bus Driver 
Stacey Thibodeau School Bus Driver 26 
Kathy Verga School Bus Driver  
 Steven VergaSchool Bus Monitor 28 
 Jaynne WoodmanSchool Bus Monitor  24

Transportation Department offices are located at:

Transportation Office

Gloucester Public Schools Transportation Department

Transportation Director
Adam Mayo


School Bus Driver Trainer
John Russ

Office Phone: