Covid Health and Safety

rotocols for COVID-19 Scenarios

 Protocols to Help Staff Care for Themselves   Protocols Staff can Share with Families and Students 
Symptom Checklist to Use Every Morning     Symptom Checklist to Share with Families
What the School Will Do if Staff or Student has a Positive Test     What the School Will Do if Staff or Student has a Positive Test
Staff Member has Symptoms at Home     A Student has Symptoms at Home       Português       Español 
Staff Member has Symptoms at School     A Student has Symptoms in School
Staff Member is a Close Contact of someone who Tests Positive for COVID
  Student is a Close Contact of someone who Tests Positive for COVID
Staff Member Tests Positive for COVID-19     Student Tests Positive for COVID-19
Returning to Work after Testing Positive, Testing Negative or Having Symptoms     Returning to School after Testing Positive, Testing Negative or Having Symptoms
School Finds out about a Positive Test During the School Day     Student has Symptoms on the Bus
      School Finds out about a Positive Test During the School Day

Mask and Face Coverings Guidelines

All individuals are required to wear face coverings or masks when in school, on school grounds, and on school transportation.  

Please follow these guidelines from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health when selecting a mask or face covering: 

  • Cover your nose and mouth,
  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face,
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops,
  • Include multiple layers of fabric,
  • Allow for breathing without restriction, and
  • Be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape.
  • Masks with valves should not be worn as they do not effectively filter breath a person exhales

When putting on and taking off a mask, do not touch the front of it, only handle the ties or ear straps, and make sure you wash the cloth mask regularly. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after touching the mask.

The School Committee is now requiring that all students in grades PreK through 12th grade to wear masks or face coverings. In adding our youngest students to this policy, the School Committee was clear that we should not have a punitive response to our youngest students if they have difficulty wearing masks. The specific language from the policy is: "All decisions about enforcing this policy for students should be developmentally appropriate for the age and grade level of the student."

For more detailed information and resources about proper mask wearing, please go to the Back Together GPS website Mask and Face Coverings Section

10 Videos to Help Students Understand How to Wear a Mask

Gloucester School Committee Policy allows for exceptions to this policy in certain circumstances such as students with medical, behavioral or other challenges. All exceptions must be approved by the building principal in consultation with the school nurse or the Gloucester Board of Health, and the superintendent. 

Schools and school staff will determine how to provide regular and safe mask breaks for students, ensuring that any individual taking a mask break is at least six feet from any other individual. School employees can take mask breaks outside the school or in their classrooms or offices if they are alone and/or working during remote teaching.

The complete School Committee Policy on Face Coverings can be found here.

  GPS Cleaning Protocols
The district has hired additional janitorial and cleaning service from an external vendor so every school has additional cleaning during the school day. During the day DPW custodians and contract janitorial services will focus on cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces. 

The full cleaning protocols developed by the Department of Public Works for use in our schools can be reviewed here

List of daily additional cleaning services provided by Advanced Maintenance Solutions in all schools.

Contact Tracing Video

Contact Tracing Explained

Donning PPE Video

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Universal Precautions Video

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