Websites for COVID-19 Information

posted Apr 7, 2020, 6:51 PM by Grant Harris

Since there appears to be near, continuous stream of information, data, and developments regarding the COVID-19 virus outbreak, there may be those of you who would like more direct links to information as that information unfolds. The school department continually attempts to get out as much information as possible, as soon as possible, but that is not always achievable in the shortest period of time. Social media, of course, seems to move at the speed of light.

Listed below are some possible websites that might be helpful to you with respect to news, events, information and resources regarding the current situation. I hope these are helpful.

In addition, I will be sending out periodic Zoom recordings about the district—regarding information and events—so that you are informed about what we are trying to accomplish. Consider the upcoming Zoom recordings to be the Superintendent’s Corner: School Closure Edition. ☺

Be well.

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education—go to this website to see the latest information from the Commissioner of Education

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education—go to this website for more specific and elaborate information regarding COVID-19

Massachusetts—go to www.massgov for information from the state of Massachusetts regarding all aspects of the Coronavirus outbreak; visit at the following link

City of Gloucester—for local COVID-19 information, health guidance and recommendations and city operations information, go to the City of Gloucester website (  and/or the following link:, which takes you directly to the Health Department

And, of course, the Gloucester Daily Times and the Boston Globe are providing daily updates as well.