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IT Department News Updates

posted Jul 24, 2013, 10:37 AM by Grant Harris   [ updated Mar 10, 2014, 5:22 AM ]
It has been a while since our last news update and we 
would like to provide everyone with some information on the Departments 
current projects as well as their status.

Wireless Network Install/Upgrade
Status: Complete 2013

We have completed the install/upgrade of all wireless access points across the district. This project was completed in February of 2013.

Replaced Helpdesk Ticketing System
Status: Complete 2013

Deployed new online Helpdesk Ticketing system for staff powered by Spiceworks at the beginning of this school year. This system is accessible from school/home. 

Installed Network Monitoring Systems
Status: Complete 2013

Installed PRTG network monitoring system. This system allows the IT staff to receive alerts of network and server outages as well as performance/resources of those devices . This tool also allows for historical analysis  of traffic flow. This is critical for trouble shooting network congestion as well as utilization and optimization.

iPad Pilot - O'Maley Middle school 
Status: Complete 2013

This year we have deployed 60 iPads in two 6th Grade classrooms to pilot a 1-to-1 program. Students use these devices every day/all day to complete curriculum assignments as well as collaborate on research & projects. Also there are a additional 90 iPads on mobile carts that are dispersed across the grade levels to 
assit with the integration of technology in the classroom.

New Mobile Lab - East Gloucester School
Status: Complete 2013

Replaced the outdated laptop cart with 30 New 13" MacBook Pro's. 

Google Docs for GHS
Status: Complete 2012-13

All students in Grades 9-12 as well as staff are active in the districts google portal. Teachers and students can share and collaborate on projects at school and from home using these tools. 

Switch Edge Switch Upgrades
Status: Complete 2012-13

Upgrades all schools edge switches to full Gigabit with POE. These switches allow for greater speeds as well as provide power for cameras and phones.

Replaced Phone Systems District Wide
Status: Complete 2012-13

Replaced all phones district wide with Mitel VoIP PBXs at each school as well as deployed 400+ handsets. All staff now have extensions and Voice mail.

Upgraded District Firewall and Traffic Shaper
Status: Complete 2012-13

Upgraded the primary district Firewall and Network Traffic Shaper to accept higher connection speeds from our ISP as well as handle the increased demand on content filtering ans QOS.

Upgraded Internet Connection
Status: Complete 2012-13

Upgraded the City/Schools Internet connection from 45mb/45mb with 20mb/10mb backup connection to 200mb/200mb with a 120mb/20mb backup connection.

Virtualization District Data Center/SAN
Status: Active 2013-14

The department is actively migrating our physical servers and applications to its new VMWare servers and EMC VNXe SANs. This move allows for:
Consolidation of District resources
Central Management  & Monitoring
Effective Backup and Disaster Recovery
Optimization of Hardware & Network Utilization
Quick Deployment of Servers and Applications
Increases Up-time and Availability
Reduces Power & Cooling Requirements
Increased Storage Capacity 
We have already moved 1/3 of our daily production servers to this new system. Our current VM Cluster has over 500GB of RAM and 20TB+ of RAW storage.

iPad for PreK and SPED
Status: Active 2013-14

Preparing to deploy 30 iPads to PreK and SPED staff across the district.  

Google Docs for Elementary 
Status: In Development 2013-14

We are working to deploy Google accounts for all Elementary staff and to grade 4-5 for the start of the 2013-14 school year. Staff websites will also be created once the accounts are setup.

BYOD/ Phase 1 (District Staff) 
Status: In Development 2013-14
The IT staff is currently in the final testing phase of deploying Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for district staff members. This wireless network will be accessible to all staff across the district and will require authentication of each user to connect their mobile devices (laptops, tablets, and smart phones). We will keep you posted.

There are many more items on the horizon, we will keep you posted!