Updating School Attendance Zones


The Gloucester School Committee is considering updates to the school attendance zones that are designed to create more sensible zones for where students attend elementary school while impacting the fewest possible families.

If approved, the revised attendance zones would result in a limited number of changes that have numerous benefits:

    • Common sense School Zones that connect neighborhoods and are easy to understand

    • Utilizing the new school building fully - All Vets/East Gloucester School families will attend the new school building that is currently under construction. No one is moved out of EGS/Vets zone to an older school building.

    • Impacting the fewest possible families - West Parish remains the same; EGS and Vets remain largely the same.

    • Shortening the longest bus rides for Beeman and Plum Cove families

    • “Grandfathering” so families will not be required to move schools in the short term

    • Helps socioeconomic balance significantly

View the Map of the Recommended Zones.

Click on the colorful map to see the limited number of recommended changes.

View the Listing of the Streets Changing School Zones - a small number of streets are impacted at Plum Cove, Beeman, and EGS/Vets.

View the slideshow - Superintendent Lummis made a full presentation on the recommended update at the September 14 School Committee Meeting

Provide Input on the Recommended Update of School Attendance Zones - Superintendent Lummis and the School Committee are seeking input from Gloucester Public School Families.

    • Complete the Public Input Form - Tell us your thoughts on the recommended changes by completing this form.

    • Attend the School Committee Public Hearing - The School Committee will hold a Public Hearing so families can speak directly to Committee members about the recommended updates. This Public Hearing is tentatively scheduled for October 5 at 7:00 p.m. This hearing will be a remote meeting.

Recommendations create more sensible school attendance zones that are geographically contiguous. Click the map above for a look at the highlighted changes.

Criteria for Updating School Attendance Zones

On June 8, 2022, the Superintendent Lummis presented the process and criteria for updating the Elementary School Attendance Zones. The complete process as developed by the district's leadership can be reviewed here. Below are the criteria used when developing the current recommended updates to Elementary School Zones.

  • Maximize enrollment in the new school building

  • Provide targeted relief to schools in relation to space and class size.

  • Maintain small class size across the system with a focus on creating equitable class size across all K-5 elementary schools.

  • Lessen socioeconomic disproportionality in school assignments

  • Maximize geographical continuity of each attendance zone

  • Maximize walkability where possible

  • Consider transportation efficiency and costs when considering busing

  • Plan with the goal of leaving some room for growth while accounting for known/expected future residential developments.

  • Minimize the impact of changes on current students (i.e. explore options such as the “grandfathering” of students and families).