Building Use

Community Use of School Facilities 

School Committee Policy KF regarding the community use of school facilities reads as follows:

The School Committee recognizes that school facilities are a valuable community resource and should be available when possible to responsible, organized local groups when no conflict with school use exists. It is the School Committee’s desire that maximum use of school property is enjoyed by the City’s residents; however, groups should have worthwhile intentions and not abuse facilities or cause public disturbances. It is the Committee’s intent that such use will maintain safe conditions, preserve the property for school program use, and not have undue impact on the condition of the facilities.

Use of school buildings and other facilities by organizations will be permitted only when a worthy educational, civic, or charitable purpose will be served; or a substantial group of citizens from the community will be benefited. The Gloucester Public School District, as it expects of any organization using its facilities, does not discriminate in its educational programs and activities on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability, physical, mental, emotional or learning disability, or any other factor provided for by state and federal laws and regulations.

School facilities will be used according to the regulations and rental fee schedules recommended by the Superintendent and approved by the School Committee.

Applications for the use of school facilities will be submitted using a process developed by the School Administration. Applications for the use of facilities are available on the district website ( Applications must be approved by the principal of the building for which use is being requested. Applications approved by the principal must be forwarded to the Department of Public Works to determine if a facility can be staffed with appropriate personnel and is otherwise suitable for the intended use. Applications are then considered by the Superintendent or designee for final approval. Building use will only be allowed if the Principal, Superintendent, and Department of Public Works all approve the application. The Building and Finance Sub-Committee of the School Committee will review requests by non-school, non-youth and non-municipal activities at their monthly meetings.


School facilities will be available for the following:

1. Public school activities

2. Parent-teacher organizations

3. Official municipal public hearings and political activities

4. Meetings and activities sponsored by the School Committee and school personnel

5. Youth activities

6. Outdoor activities on school grounds, playgrounds, and the use of parking lots; excluding

athletic fields

7. Local nonprofit and noncommercial organization activities

8. Metropolitan civic, educational, social, and religious organization activities

9. The activities of other organizations when approved by the School Committee

School and City Preference

The priority given requests for use of school facilities will be as follows:

1. School activities

2. City meetings and elections over other community activities

3. Youth activities

4. Outdoor activities on school grounds, playgrounds, and the use of parking lots; excluding athletic fields

Procedures for Reserving Space in School Buildings 

Instructions Building Use1.docx.pdf

Building Use Form & Fees

Building Use Form and Fees.docx.pdf