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Welcome to the Gloucester Public Schools!

In the Gloucester Public Schools, our goal is that every student will graduate from Gloucester High School knowing what their next step is and be prepared to take it. There are many pathways that our students can take to build a worthwhile life and become a contributing member of their community. Our graduates continue their education in four year, two year, private and public colleges. They enter the trades and the workforce. They join the military and much more. Whatever pathway our students choose, our job is to help them figure out what their next step is and to be prepared to take it.

In the Gloucester Public Schools,

  • Our educators and staff care about their students, who they are, where they come from, and what they can become.

  • Our educators get to know their students because they know that when students are connected to a teacher, a class, or their school, students are better able to do their best work.

  • We work together to get better every day

  • Making our schools extraordinary is about the work we do every day with each other to hone our craft, strengthen our instruction, engage students, and deepen student learning.

  • We aim to be extraordinary because we can be, and because our children, the children of the great city of Gloucester, deserve it and should expect it from their schools.

We want the community to know about and celebrate the great things that are happening in the Gloucester Public Schools. We want everyone in our city to know that their children, our children, will get a world class education just by being in our classrooms and working with our educators, our staff, and each other.

Our job is to help our students become their best selves, help them set their sights on goals and accomplishments they don’t yet know or can’t yet see. We see in our students the intelligence, the compassion, the drive, the success that is in them before they see it, and then help them recognize it for themselves.

Nearly 30 years ago I chose public education as my profession because I have always had a strong sense of the injustice experienced by the children who our society says don’t belong, are less than, or should settle for less. I believe deeply that public education is one of the few areas in our society that has the power to push against structural and societal inequities and help children achieve what they want for themselves.

Teachers, school committees, education leaders, school secretaries, paraprofessionals, and even a superintendent have the power to lift children up through what we say and do. How we educate our children ultimately determines whether we will have a strong, caring community that works together to build a better future.

Our educators, staff, and school leaders show up every day to do this great work. Because Every Day Matters. Every day matters for our students, for our schools, and for our city.


Ben Lummis



Ben Lummis

Administration Office

2 Blackburn Drive - Gloucester, MA 01930


Executive Secretary

Stephanie Delisi


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