Community Partners

Gloucester Education Foundation

The Gloucester Public Schools partners closely with the Gloucester Education Foundation (GEF). GEF has raised over $9 million since 2005 to drive innovation, inspire creativity, expand student opportunities, and empower educators to strengthen teaching and learning in our district. Learn more about GEF and their transformational programs here

The Power of Play

The Gloucester Education Foundation will present The Power of Play on Sunday, March 26, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Gloucester High School Field House.

This is how GEF describes The Power of Play on its Facebook page at

A day of hands-on, screen-free play for all ages, hosted by Gloucester Education Foundation and run by a powerhouse team of community and student volunteers!

It would take us all day to name all of the awesome activities at Power of Play, but here are a few…an obstacle course, collaborative art projects, fort-building, oobleck-making, sand play, family yoga, an invisible ink scavenger hunt, games from around the world, an infant/toddler exploration zone, and LOTS more.

The Power of Play is chock full of fun family activities, and is welcoming to all ages, ability levels, and learning styles. This year’s event will also feature special activities from regions around the world that are present in our Gloucester community, including Brazil, the Caribbean, and Egypt.

Thank you to our sponsors Cape Ann Savings Bank, Sawyer Free Library, and Seashore Comfort Solutions, and to our amazing team of volunteers.